About the British Democracy Blog

Sitting at the intersection between the academic study of politics and the realities of British democracy, this blog offers commentary and analysis on the contemporary UK political scene. It seeks to bring relevant, fresh and rigorous insights to bear on the dominant debates in British public life. Its main ambition is to introduce these debates to some of the most exciting and relevant – but often inaccessible – ideas that can be found in the academic fields of political theory, social science and economics, while also speaking to abstract and theoretical debates in academia in an accessible and relevant way.

It is written by me – Simon Kaye, a PhD in Political Theory and Lecturer in Parliament and Politics. You can find out more about my research interests on my academia.edu page. And there’s also my personal website or my LinkedIn page.

Bear in mind that the views and ideas expressed in this blog are all my own, and not representative of the opinions of any of the organisations I work for.